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Dr. Sheri Pruitt is a highly sought-after keynote speaker.  Popular topics include women’s health, weight management, lifestyle change, and resilience.



BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE is the study of human behavior using systematic, scientific methods.  More than sixty years of research provides answers for lifestyle improvement (e.g. health and disease management) and business (e.g. communication and motivation; employee and consumer behavior).



Using scientifically validated behavior change models, Dr. Pruitt conducts in-person training workshops and works with innovative digital partners to change behaviors and meet goals.




Training health care providers (telephonic outreach staff, health educators, certified diabetes educators, registered dieticians, nurses, physicians, medical assistants, pharmacists, physical therapists, weight management facilitators) in evidence-based coaching with patients:

  • Coach, motivate, and inspire patients to make lifestyle changes to prevent or manage chronic conditions

  • Improve patient adherence to medical regimens and advice

  • Effectively negotiate opiate medication requests with patients


Developing and implementing evidence-based programs for health care organizations:

  • Patient engagement and activation

  • Chronic conditions management

  • Weight loss and maintenance

  • Lifestyle change

  • Alcohol and substance misuse


Training leaders in evidence-based strategies for personal and professional development:

  • Psychological strategies for managing the most challenging employees and situations (e.g., union environments)

  • Communication and motivational strategies that increase self-awareness, introspection, empathy, and organizational results

  • Psychological and physical resilience skills to improve work-life management


Creating evidence-based customer satisfaction and loyalty interventions. 


Building evidence-based programs to change employee behaviors:

  • Improving work attendance

  • Enhancing “job bonding”

  • Managing work disability


Partnering with technology companies to build effective apps and digital tools for changing health behaviors and lifestyle.​

  • Changing employee behaviors to increase revenue (i.e., work attendance, work safety, professional appearance, wellness, and quality improvement)

  • Interactive health coaching (i.e., exercise, eating, stress management)

  • Health coach avatar for primary care

  • Weight loss and maintenance

  • Patient safety

  • Employee wellness interactive e-workbook

  • Employee work attendance

  • Physician-patient communication

  • Diabetes management

  • Improving physician satisfaction



I help people DO things differently. This is the simple and consistent focus of my career. I use evidence-based behavioral science methods to help leaders, healthcare providers, patients, employees, and customers change their behaviors.


Behavioral science can:

  • inform personal and organizational goals

  • drive health care interactions and initiatives

  • improve health or impact customer behavior through the use of technology


I translate behavioral science into practical interventions that change people’s behavior. Using proven strategies, I design and implement programs to change behaviors that help organizations reach their goals and improve their financial margins.

As a master trainer, evidence-based coach and intervention designer, I tailor services to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. Services are provided through in-person training or scalable behavioral change programs with innovative digital health partners (i.e., multi-media, web-based, mobile, and hybrid designs).

I help people change behavior because human behavior drives health and revenue.





Dr. Pruitt's clients include individuals, groups and populations. 

Dr. Pruitt has 27 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and is an indisputable behavioral science expert.


For more than 16 years, she was Director of Behavioral Medicine and Behavioral Science Integration at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.  In that role, Dr. Pruitt guided all behavioral change efforts in the Sacramento, California area medical centers, creating large scale programs for physicians, employees, and patients.  She was a pioneer in digital health and the use of technology for behavioral change. Earlier in her career, Dr. Pruitt worked as a scientist for the World Health Organization where she developed award winning, global models of care for chronic conditions and was principal author of two books.  She also was on the faculty of the University of California-San Diego, School of Medicine where she gained extensive experience in research, publishing, and graduate level education and she established one of the first integrated primary care clinics in the U.S. She has maintained a private consulting practice throughout her career and is now focused exclusively on helping organizations meet their goals through the behavioral change of patients, health care providers, employees, customers, and leaders.


Dr. Pruitt holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Oklahoma, a Master of Science (with distinction) and a Doctorate from the University of New Mexico.  She is a popular trainer, lecturer, and keynote speaker on the topics of health and wellness, motivation, and the necessity of scientifically supported interventions. She frequently shares behavioral science expertise with local and national publications, and on radio and television.


As a digital health pioneer, she was one of the first to apply behavioral science at scale in healthcare in 2007 at Kaiser Permanente. She developed the earliest online, video-interactive health coaching program for lifestyle improvement. She works with start-ups and established technology companies to provide behavioral science expertise.

Dr. Pruitt is a digital health pioneer.



Dr. Pruitt is a published author and contributor to peer review journals.


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