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I’ve worked with renowned scientists and prestigious organizations that allowed me to establish myself as a dedicated behavioral scientist and subject matter expert.  I have a long-standing reputation for delivering results.

Sheri Pruitt, PhD Behavioral Scientist & Clinical Psychologist.  See for more information.

For 17 years, I was Director of Behavioral Medicine and Behavioral Science Integration at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.  In that role, I created large scale programs for physicians (e.g., patient-provider communication and resilience), employees (e.g., technology-based wellness, safety, and attendance programs), and patients (e.g., online digital health coaching, AI/NLP virtual health coaching, medical weight management, and chronic conditions management programs). 

I was a scientist and consultant for the World Health Organization, creating award winning models of care for chronic conditions and adherence to long-term therapies.  During this time, I was principal author of two Global Reports: Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions (2002) and Preparing a Healthcare Workforce for the 21st Century (2005). 

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 I focused several years as a faculty member of the University of California-San Diego, School of Medicine and the San Diego Veterans Administration Medical Center, establishing one of the first integrated primary care clinics in the U.S., while training medical residents and psychology interns in behavioral medicine.

I have maintained a consulting practice for over 20 years, working primarily with large healthcare organizations, and more recently with a select group of technology-based companies.  All of my clients want measurable outcomes that are achieved by influencing behavior. 


I serve on the Medical Advisory Board and contribute to the RecoveryOne blog.  Review my most recent article "Hurt" isn't always "harm" - RecoveryOne.

RecoveryOne works with leading healthcare organizations to transform recovery from musculoskeletal conditions. With over 180 clinical care pathways that collectively cover the whole body, they provide personalized programs for patients and plan members that combine the convenience of digital and the support of live coaching to reduce costs, accelerate recovery, and drive patient satisfaction.  

I serve on the Advisory Panel, Science Division.

Check Up & Choices provides online, evidence-based programs that are the culmination of years of rigorous research, millions of dollars of National Institutes of Health grants, multiple randomized clinical trials, and peer-reviewed publications that document outcomes. The program is designed to help people assess and, if necessary, address their alcohol and substance use.

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